What You Can Get Out Of Fenton Nails Salon

Fashion Nails in Fenton, MO offers soothing nail care services for all your requirements. Whether you like bold or natural nails, this nail spa provides professional nail services for everybody. Looking for a reliable salon which accommodates walk ins? Look no further than Fenton salon. This nail spa is a one-stop solution for all your beauty requirements and you will feel relaxed while your nails are perfectly shaped and polished. You can treat yourself at any of their convenient locations in Fenton.

Every customer expects beautiful nails. When you come to Fenton polish, you are sure to be surprised by the excellent work of the staff of this fashion nails nail salon. They expertly shape and prepare your nails at the comfort of your home. Once the nails have been perfectly prepared, you can wear them at any function with style and grace. You can also opt for artificial nails as they are perfectly matched to your natural nails.

The main aim of the Fenton nails salon is to provide superior services in image skincare. Since the Fenton area is famous for its beauty products, the salon strives to offer the best services. This includes innovative services like nail trimming, waxing, manicure, pedicure, facial treatments and other skin care treatments. Their creative image skincare experts offer a wide range of services such as hand and feet scrub, body scrub, face wash, lotion, gel, and eye treatment. The salon even offers an array of high end beauty products to make your day a special one.

At this salon, there is no age limit for getting your hands and feet perfectly shaped. Even toddlers and teens can receive the treatment at the studio. You can bring your friends along and enjoy special classes designed just for them. There are also fashion nails classes for teenagers and even for adults, which can surely help you make a lasting fashion statement. With a professional pedicure at Fenton Beauty Salon, you can also receive the most luxurious foot spa and manicure available.

The pedicures start with a basic trim and free manicure to prepare your nails. They include hand and feet scrubs, body scrubs, face wash and foot cream. You then receive a foot soak and are treated with a nail polish. Finally, you get a finishing treatment where the pedicure recipient receives a pedicure manicure and a foot soak. These treatments are followed by a complimentary manicure and pedicure.

With all these benefits at hand, one cannot doubt that Fenton Nails Salon is a trendsetter and is perfect for all occasions. Whether it’s that elegant cocktail night out or that special occasion for Valentine’s Day, make sure you look your best with beautiful fashion nails. This way, you will definitely stand out in a crowd!

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