The Best Places to Buy Handbags

Handbags are an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. From the day they were invented till date, handbags have been a great help for women to manage their everyday lives. Whether you need to carry your laptop on a business trip, or you need to take your children to a crowded public school, handbags have come a long way from carrying cigarettes and wallet. There are many types of handbags available in the market.


There are two types of handbags: the small handbags and the large handbags. The small handbags are usually referred to as purses while the large bags are called clutches. A clutch, also known as a large bag in North American English, is used to carry small personal items such as mobile phones, money, cards and so on. A clutch is generally much larger than the size of a clutch purse and is used to carry bigger items such as bags and suitcases.

Smaller handbags are usually bags without straps and have a single shoulder strap. The straps of the small handbags are generally detachable so that you can choose to have your straps replaced with more suitable straps, depending on the occasion. Shoulder handbags are the smaller type of handbags and are generally easy to slip into your dress. Shoulder handbags are also made of very soft leather material. The straps of a shoulder purse may be adjustable and come with a strap brush which allows you to clean your straps and get rid of any dirt or debris.

Large handbags bags with three or more shoulder straps and a huge spacious bottom. These large bags are ideal for carrying a variety of items like wallet, small personal items, a few small accessories and your mobile phone. Your main reason to buy a large handbag would be for style and practicality. Large handbags can be as stylish as any other handbags in terms of colors and designs but because they have so many straps and sections, it can be difficult to keep them all together. Therefore it’s best to purchase your large clutch bag online where you can get a much better price and ensure that you can return an old or damaged item if you are not happy with it.

Tote Bags: The tote bag is one of the most commonly used handbags. It has a large spacious bottom to hold various items and a long strap that goes across your abdomen and keeps your hands inside the bag. The tote bag design originated from the Japanese and has a top zipper pocket. The tote bags are generally made of strong cotton canvas material. The drawstring at the top zipper area gives you a comfortable carrying option.

Messenger Bag: The messenger bag is another very popular handbags. They are much smaller and are carried over the shoulder rather than on the hips like the handbags. The main reason they are so popular is because they go very well with most outfits because they offer a casual chic look and are available in different colors and styles. They generally have a small top zipper pocket and a flap to help hold the contents in place.

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