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Fall fashion means putting away the sweater, dusting off the jeans and stepping out in a brand new coat. You can literally have the latest fall fashions any time you want with simple steps like exfoliating and toning your skin. Let’s face it: the coldest days of fall are usually fall fashion weeks, which gives us a great excuse to go out in circles trying to figure out what to wear. Here are some fall fashion trends for you to get excited about.

Earth tones have always been a mainstay of the fashion world, especially this year. While you might shy away from earthy tones like brick browns, tans, and burnt orange, there is definitely a style out there that you’ll love. For fall fashion 2021, opt for warm brown hues that have slightly red, yellow, or orange undertones similar to fall leaves. These are rich, textured and comforting colors perfect for fall. Look for soft cotton shirts in fall colors like crisp apple green, soft brick brown, and even softer yellow and orange.

If you want a hot fall fashion staple but don’t want to ditch your sweater, then try your fall fashion 2021 on the straight-leg pants for an edgier look. With these sleek straight leg pants, you can layer a blazer or a layered jacket in one long panel. Wear your shawl or a stylish scarf in one of these smooth, straight leg pants. For the best combination of styling, choose the right top with this hot fall wardrobe staple.

Leggings are the latest must-have fashion trend for fall. Pair your leggings with a cute cardigan and angled neckline, or go with a v-neck sweater in a neutral color to complement your leggings. Cropped slouch boots are another must-have for women’s fall fashion trends. Cropped or capped, your cropped boots will offer you an alternative to your boring flats or sneakers.

Cropped or capped boots are great fall fashion trends for people who don’t like their legs exposed. Cropped or capped boots are just like regular boots but they come with an added cropped panel at the ankle. Cropped shoes offer a unique styling option as well as offering more coverage than regular boots. If you are thinking of rocking the Cropped look, you should consider wearing your favorite flats with them. This way, you get to have the same fall-like touch with your boots but with better coverage.

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You should also think about wearing fall fashion 2021 when it comes to wearing sneakers. Although skinny jeans might be your classic favorite, you can also wear sneakers with fall fashion 2021 such as leather boots. This pair of boots will make you look ultra feminine while covering your lower calf to mid thigh.

Cardigans are also an important fall fashion trend for women. Not only is it a comfortable fall piece, cardigans with long sleeves or even hoodies are also suitable for other seasons. Fit denim cardigans are a great fall clothing staple that you should definitely own. For a casual yet sporty look, try pairing your cardigan with slim fit denim jeans. For the perfect sporty look, pair a denim cardigan with a graphic tee. It’s also advisable to team a cardigan with your men to fall fashion 2021 shirt because it will make your whole outfit complete.

These are just a few fall fashion must-haves for women who want to keep up with current trends. Always remember though that if you want to have a good fall fashion wardrobe, you have to learn how to mix and match different trends so that you can also make a fashion statement with your individual pieces. There are many ways by which you can show off your unique style. Don’t settle for just one trend or design. Get a varied collection of fall fashion pieces so that you can easily refresh your look from time to time.

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