Brazil – A Turning Point For Fashion In Latin America

The summer of 2021 has seen Fashion in Brazil come to a crescendo. Ladies, the runways were lit up for two weeks straight starting from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte. Ladies from all over the world have been admiring the latest designs and styles that have been emerging from Brazil. Even though it was during the rio summer, it seemed that the designs are here to stay.

Fashion in Brazil 2021

The designs and styles seem to have changed from year to year. We saw something a bit extreme at one place, but then it seemed that they were going to keep it as the fad keeps going strong. There was this huge line outside of one store selling just about everything under the sun. But there was something else happening, something a little different. A lot of the stores seemed to be having trouble attracting their top selling merchandise.

Some of the designs looked like they had been lifted right out of Japan, the other stores couldn’t compete with the price tag. All of these things make for a very tough market when you are trying to reach the middle class. Even though Brazil has been trying to increase tourism for years, the pricing for things like clothes has been too high for them to be able to pass on the costs to the consumer. They have a very high unemployment rate and a very low average income. So, if everyone is looking for the cheap stuff that everyone else seems to be buying, then there aren’t many takers.

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