Basics About Fashion Makeup

Fashion make-up artistry is a trade, for-profit educational institution devoted to make-up applications with areas in Burbank, California and New York City, . It was launched in 1997. Since then it has become one of the most popular programs for aspiring fashion designers. The curriculum is taught by both fashion artists and professionals who have an in depth knowledge of all cosmetic arts. There are over 300 make-up artists in the program to choose from, to teach new and experienced make up artists.

The aim of the fashion make-up arts program is to provide fashion students with the skills to create quality fashion and cosmetic arts products in the most cost effective manner possible. Students learn about colours, textures, pigments and mixtures, together with basic application procedures and the correct techniques for application. Students will learn the basic colour theory and apply it to various materials such as; textiles, hand and nail lacquer, metals and ceramics, liquids and cream colours, mineral make-ups and special finishes.

Fashion and cosmetics courses at Fashion Institute of America, also teach fashion make-up application, colour theory, finishing techniques, glamour colours, manicure and pedicure, skin care and even wedding preparation and photography. Students will learn to apply eye shadow, blushes and eye liners. They will also have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of cosmetics including color, cosmetics ingredients and cosmetic formulations. This includes skin care principles, cosmetics application methods, cosmetics terminology, eye and face analysis, colour coordination and glamour colours. In addition to the classes discussed above, they will also learn about how to select, prepare and use make up, colours, special finishes and cosmetic components such as foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras, blushers and eyeliners, as well as learn about manicures, pedicures and pedicure techniques.

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